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SEEDS: The Five Brain, Gene, and Immune System Healthy Behaviors


There is tremendous misinformation about brain health in the popular press and in the pop psychotherapy genre.  Every year there is a new fad which very soon drifts away when a new one emerges that supposedly improves the brain.   This 6 hour seminar describes five key factors that research has consistently shown to support brain health as well as promote positive gene expression and immune function. The research behind each factor of the formula is strongly supported by new developments from neuroscience that overthrown many of our preconceived beliefs about mental health and the brain.


Attendees can remember those five by using the mnemonic “SEEDS.”  The SEEDS formula represents the important healthy brain factors that you need to “plant” now and cultivate through the rest of your life explores a wide variety of factors having multidirectional causal relationships between stress, depression, anxiety, the immune system, and gene expression.  The interaction between all these factors has been by illuminated by studies examining the effects of life style factors on the incidence of health and psychological problems.  There are significant relationships between immune system function, stress, insecure attachment, anxiety, depression, poor nutrition, bad quality sleep, physical inactivity, and neurophysiological dysregulation.